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At Hurricane Wind Power Wind Turbine Technologies LLC we do not believe in absolutes. Our theory toward wind power generation is customized to each individuals set of needs. Many consumers are looking at the wrong factors when the attempt to buy a wind turbine. Here is our guide to assisting the newbie

At Hurricane Wind Power wind Turbine Technologies LLC we have decided to give you our formula for successful implementation of wind power generation in an informative article. Over the past few years the small wind market has grown confusing and wrought with inaccuracies and general rules or principles that often leave would be consumers scratching their heads. You do not need to spend $49.99 on an e-book or sort through endless blogs and forums searching through attempting to find who might know what they are talking about.

One of the problems with this industry is a disconnect between vendors, sellers and consumers. Many operations pop up overnight repeating information from articles or research done and quoted by people who have never even operated a wind turbine, have no idea how a permanent magnet alternator works or how to wire up a renewable energy system. Another problem assuming that you find a builder or seller who has experience with a wind turbine is people tend to write about their experiences as universal truths. Wind densities vary with altitude, resistance levels put different loads on wind turbine blades depending on battery bank environment, rate of discharge and or a resistance value set into a residential grid tie which is altogether different.

Depending on the facts discussed about opinions may vary on how high the wind turbine may need to be placed on its tower. how big or how many blades that should be used. These factors may ultimately influence decisions related to battery bank environment in terms of 12, 24, 48 volt of some other voltage depending on grid tie settings. To further confuse things different schools of thought relating to wind turbine exist related to both blade and generator design. Rewound converted car alternator PMA, DC motors, Axial and Radial Flux generators have all been used by different people with varying degrees of success.

One thin is for certain it takes power to make power and according to Betz Limit the majority of power is found above 15 miles per hour. This does not mean that you can not get more power over time building a turbine to operate in low wind if your area gets low wind the majority of the time. Over time the turbine will produce more power in a low wind configuration. It is time in the renewable energy community to do more scientific observation and less inflated sales talk. If you new to wind power you should be encouraged to take data and share your experience with your vendor and seek knowledgable help and get a realistic assessment of what your goals are before you get started. This premises are what we base our work on and encourage you to seek when getting started with your wind power project.